Artwork with Janis: Collecting Ideas on Papers

Hector and me allways had some ideas together. Instead of realising them we started to forget. To avoid that we make a collection of our ideas now. For every idea there is one paper and every paper is posted here. When ideas are realised we throw them as a paper plane from the Saleve, the mountain next to Geneva. Everybody is free to realise or add ideas. 

Jackass: Héctor and me will go down the halfpipe of plainpalais with a rolling chair and a tricycle.

Recording: Héctor will record me, and I will record Héctor at a place in Geneva.

Dig Two Wholes: Héctor and me will dig two wholes at the beach and stay inside each for one hour.

Painting Giant Canvas with Small Brushes: Héctor and me will paint a canvas together each one with a different colour. One start from one side and the other one from the opposite side. We will keep painting until we do 8 hours (like a normal working day).

Walking Slow: Héctor and me will walk in slowmotion along rue de Marché. Beside that we will behave like normal passengers.

Voice-Actors: Héctor and me will do voice-overs of a whole film that we saw when we were children.

Going to the Beach on a Rainy Day: Hector and me will go to the ¨beach¨ of Geneva on a day of bad weather behaving like it is a hot sunny day, swimming and relaxing in the rain

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