Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Artwork by Héctor & Janis: Wearing a Fake Moustache

We put a fake moustache in our face and do the normal things we are used to do. We will keep our normal behaviour but feeling different because of the views of the people.

Things to do:

- play chess
- work in the garden
- smoke cigars
- show our works in school
- making a video
- talk about this work
- playing frisbee
- get the moustache in CERN
- go shopping

Artwork by Héctor & Janis: Collecting Ideas

Hector and me allways had some ideas together. Instead of realising them we started to forget. To avoid that we make a collection of our ideas now. For every idea there is one paper and every paper is posted here. When ideas are realised we throw them as a paper plane from the Saleve, the mountain next to Geneva. Everybody is free to realise or add ideas.