Saturday, December 26, 2009

Artwork in Progress: Realising Dreams

Hector went to the market place in Geneva to buy dreams and nightmares for the symbolic prize of five centimes. The collected dreams he put in an animation to change them again for something else (wishes, ...) on the same market place. After materialising these wishes (or whatever) he wants to change it again to have a bargain free of money.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

What does the spectator of the website think, Hector will do next ?

If you're interested you can write, what you think Hector will do next. Maybe you can convince him.

Planned Artwork: Buying Dreams

The idea is to go to the market place of Geneva to ask people, if Hector can buy the dreams of them. Each person decides how much his dream is. And after Hector makes an animation out of each dream.
Maybe you want to sell a dream to Hector. Contact me or him.

Realised Artwork: Social Story

Realised Artwork: What is Love for Google?

Hector put terms like Guerra Paz Negro Blanco Mal Bien Odio and Amor into Google Images to use the first 100 Hundert Pictures to find out what the term is for Google. For that he took the largest Pic out of them and rebuilt it by all the others.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Realised Artworks: « AIR JAIL »

For an exhibition in Serbia Hector put many of One-Dinar-Coins (the smallest unit in Serbia) on the floor, so that they built the borderline of the country of Serbia. When people came to the exhibition, they stepped on the coins and destroyed the picture of the borderline.

Realised Artworks: « IMAGE EXCHANGE »

On a Place in Venice while the Biennale of 2009 Hector offered passport photos of himself for the permission to take a photograph of the other one. Some People misstrusted, because they didn’t know, what will happen with the picture of them. But for Hector it was a fair change, because both had a picture of the other one in the end.

Realised Artwork: « 1€1CENT »

On a marketplace in Madrid he and a partner had a stall. They sold One-Euro-Coins for the price of one Cent, more or less the cost of production. Together they spent 20 Euro for the project. Many People came around didn’t believe it and thought, there must be something wrong. They didn’t change. Some People did.
The group of two want to repeat the work in Buisness Clothes.
For documentation someone took some photos.
Because they earn 1,20 Euro (someone gave one Euro for one Euro), the cost of the work is 1,20 Euro until now.

Hector`s work

For the first three years of his study in Madrid he had to draw and paint. He also started to do animation, video and Performances.
When he speaks about his art today, he speaks first of all about his performances in open space. So me, I know mostly about this work, though I think, he is really multisided.

Some of his work he do in a group of Performance called « El gato con Moscas » (« The cat with flies ») Every body in this group has a number (Hectors number is Pi) and a Tatoo of a fly somewhere on his body.


I know Hector Barrios from the Haute Ecole d’Art et de Design in Geneva. Together there we study Art in the department Art-Media. He is from Madrid, Spain. I am from Bochum, Germany. He makes a webpage about me. I do one about him. Normally we’re speaking English, so the webpages are in English. On my page I tell, what I know about him focused on his Art. Also I try to find out, what he will do in his future.